Day 1 - Exploring in and around Swansea

Historical Walk of Swansea will show you the many fine buildings built in the early days; a lovely, picturesque walk with a brief description of each historical site.

Swan River: (4km north of Swansea). Turn right off the highway; after 2 km take the road straight ahead rather than turning right. Great beam fishing spot.

Dolphin Sands, Swan River & Nine Mile Beach: (4km north of Swansea). Turn right off the highway; after 2 km the sealed road takes a hard right onto Dolphin Sands Road. This is a superb beach for long walks and beach combing. All 14.5km of it!

Swansea Bark Mill: This unique, restored, working display and pioneer exhibition is a State and National award winner. Includes the France top Freycinet Exhibition. (within 50m)

Gallery One Nine: Fine Art, antiques, ceramics, textiles and decorative homewares. (within 80m)

Community Centre: A comprehensive museum featuring  photographs and displays of Swansea and district's early pioneering history and memorabilia or World War I & II. (within 400m)

Waterloo Point: A well marked track from Schouten Beach to Jetty Rd. Magnificent views and an excellent site for viewing the Short Tailed Shearwater. At dusk on any night between mid September to mid April walk to the rocky bluff mid way along the track to watch the Shearwaters fly in to their burrows. Stay low and quiet and you will experience the birds at close range.

Kate's Berry Farm: One of Tasmania's little treasures, this berry farm, with breathtaking panoramic views of Great Oyster Bay, produces truly outstanding fresh berries, jams sauces, delicious ice cream and coffee, along with Kate's dessert wine selection.

(within 3km)

Spiky Beach: (7km south) - an old convict bridge built in 1843, now on the right of the highway. The nearby bridge and headland is a popular picnic area with excellent rock fishing.

Mayfield Beach: (14km south) and the Three Arch Bridge. This is a safe swimming beach and popular fishing area. The track to the Three Arch Bridge starts at the southern end of the camping ground.

Activities: Golf, Tennis, Bowls, Cycle Hire, Boat Charters, Fishing, Swimming and Beach Combing to name but a few.

Great Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Craft Shops & Food To Go